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What is DoorSwap?

Property Management, Done Properly.

DoorSwap is a web-based property management software solution that drives collections, property occupancy, and customer service. The DoorSwap system offers online convenience to tenants and increased revenue for property owners. Collecting revenue, managing accounting, driving rentals, solving service requests, and tracking property facilities are primary strengths of this hosted service.

Using a hosted web-based management solution means that you don't have to install any software. Just point a web browser at our secure site, and your data is accessible to you anywhere and anytime. From the office, from home, from a tablet in the field, DoorSwap requires no extra software.

More and more business is being conducted in a mobile environment. DoorSwap excels at providing a unified desktop and mobile environment for your staff. For the convenience of your customers, DoorSwap offers click to pay mobile interface to get your revenue quicker.

Our rates for credit card accounts and outsourced USPS mailing cannot be beat. Even so, we will never force you to use a third party service that you don't choose.

Best of all, Assured Revenue is not a property management company. Many software products are owned and operated by companies that are in competition with you. Your data should not be in your competitors' hands. We are a software company, and are willing to add the features our customers require.

What do we mean by "driven property management"? Let's look at the different aspects of DoorSwap. Click here to continue the tour.